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  • I don't live in the Dallas area. Are you still able to help me?
    YES! We've received inquiries from across the nation and from around the globe. No matter where you live, we can engage in a collaboration with you remotely. All we require is enough information to get us started. That may be information you already have at your disposal, or it may be information you're willing to gather for us (photos, measurements, existing plans, etc). And just to be clear; if you're the type of person who would value a face-to-face visit and you're willing to pay for travel expenses, we're more than happy to come out, meet with you in-person, and gather all of the information and measurements ourselves just like we would if you lived in Dallas.
  • DRC Pricing Structure
    Our pricing is based completely on the scope of work, which is something we can determine once we've had our consultation with you. We assess how many hours it will take our team to address everything and deliver a mind-blowing design to you, and we even cover the revision time for your included round of revisions. And once we have sent you our formal proposal (within 24-48 hours of the consultation) our hours and fees will be listed for you so that you know exactly what to expect. We do not "nickle and dime" you with hidden fees or additional costs. What you see on the agreement is what you pay. And in the event that you would like to pay for additional work or revisions (which is rarely needed), we can give you an estimate for that too.
  • How long will the process take?
    From the moment we've received your deposit payment, we start the clock on our design timeline. Our goal with each and every design project is to be presenting the design to you within 4 weeks of receiving that deposit payment. And it's not necessarily because creating a design and a presentation takes 4 weeks. While there is some initial preparation that has to be done (like coming out to do on-site measurements and verifying city and HOA codes that we must abide by), most of the wait has to do with our existing demand and workload. We're usually working with several clients at a time, and it wouldn't be a fair process unless we helped everyone in the order in which they contracted with us.
  • Why do we need your property survey?
    Your property survey contains detailed descriptions and measurements of the legal boundaries surrounding your home. In many cases, it even outlines where certain municipal easements may lie (like buried water lines, gas lines, utility lines, etc). There are often areas that exist which cannot be built on. This means they are areas we (most likely) cannot design on. Obtaining your property survey is crucial because it basically tells us the size and area of our canvas, and which areas we cannot touch. And beyond needing it for design purposes, the City will eventually require the design to be superimposed over the survey before they will approve a construction permit.
  • In the bidding process do you provide a Detailed Construction Plan?
    Short answer--No. During the bidding process, we provide to contractors something we call a "Bid Plan" which is different than a detailed construction plan set. A Bid Plan is a one-page, simplified aerial plan, created at scale, which gives them enough dimensions and information so that each of them can provide you with a reliable, "apples-to-apples" construction estimate. Beyond that, we make ourselves available to those competitive builders via phone or email to answer any questions they might have in case any of the information happens to be missing or unclear.
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