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Gazebo Lighting Ideas

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

4 Creative Gazebo Lighting Ideas

The only thing more wonderful than a gazebo, that little open-air house found at the bottom of many gardens and lawns, at pool-sides or even attached to the house, is a gazebo that can be lit up at night. This means it can serve as a spot for an outdoor evening party, a late-night supper or another way to show off the property at night. A lighted gazebo can also be part of the security system. Here are some marvelous ways to light up a gazebo in ways that are memorable. The good news is that not all of them require the services of an electrician.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are also called Christmas lights, but they can be hung on a gazebo all year. Twine them around the posts and handrails or outline the entire building for a beautiful display. Drape them from the roof of the gazebo to nearby trees and bushes for a dramatic effect. Old fashioned incandescent lights are fine, but the newer LED lights are better. These light emitting diodes give off very little heat and are not fire hazards. They may be pricey at first but they last for years, even if they are on 24 hours a day.

Chandeliers and Pendants What could be more delightfully surprising than to find a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling of a lovely cedar gazebo in the middle of the garden? Of course, the chandelier doesn’t need to be made of crystal, but can be made of brass with frosted glass shades, wood or even re-purposed antlers for a more rustic look. Some homemakers add matching wall sconces to the posts. Other types of pendant lights with shades made of hammered glass, wire or round rice paper are also good ideas when it comes to lighting up a gazebo.

LED Ribbons or Tape Lights Tape lights are a step up from fairy lights. These are LEDs embedded in ribbons that can be attached to the gazebo via an adhesive backing. They can even be cut to order, though carefully. Like LED fairy lights, LED tape lights come in a rainbow of colors, are cool to the touch and can last for years.

Sparkle Balls If a family does not want to buy sparkle balls, they can make their own as a project. Take clear plastic cups and LED fairy lights. Make holes in the bottoms of the cups, then staple them together until they create two half-domes. Lace the fairy lights through the holes, then join and staple the half-spheres. Hang them from the ceiling of the gazebo, plug them in and watch them sparkle. Use white lights or colored lights for this one.

These are only four of many ways to lit up a gazebo. They will make it even more beautiful and welcoming.


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